Interacting with Cheryl has helped me find breakthroughs and opportunities in my artistic journey. Thank you!” -D.F.

I began working with Cheryl when I was unhappy with the job I had at the time. With her help, I was able to visualize where I wanted to go, and the end result was a new position within the company. During that time, she also taught me the tools I needed to work through some other personal issues.” K.L.

The coaching with Cheryl helped me to stay focused on that which is essential, helping me to complete the book and make it through to publication. She is an amazing coach.” -R.L.

Coaching with Cheryl is like being welcomed into a safe space where you can be. Far from the insanity and noise of the everyday world, she takes your hand and walks with you through the paths of your mind. Some filled with brambles, others decorated with flowers… some well kept trails and others dangerous roads… She journeys along side you to lend perspective on the good and bad parts of life, self perception, and anything else you are confronting. Her words are a source of comfort and challenge. They create a place where you are held accountable and allowed to be. An honest place, a caring and comforting place, a place of growth and a place of peace. She meets you where you are and listens to your story. And then helps you create an outline for the next chapter. She’s a great coach.” -K.B.

An exceptional listener, Cheyl respectfully assists others in identifying opportunities in present circumstances and suggests avenues to goals with practical step-by-step tools.” -C.S.

Working with Cheryl can be subtly transforming. Her un-intrusive observations and insights have resulted in real and lasting positive differences in my life and I consider myself and those in my life fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work with Cheryl.” -M.P.

My experience with Cheryl as my life coach was a positive life building and growing experience. When I meet Cheryl, I had just moved back to my hometown to care for less young parents. Leaving my job, friends and home sent my life into a spin. Cheryl helped me set and achieve goals- finish a B.S. degree, take-dancing lessons and get involved in leadership positions. Life coaching can help you discover and achieve those dreams within you.” -S.

Cheryl helps me advance my agenda – making a plan, defining what needs to be done, then keeping me on task.” -P.

I’ve been working with Cheryl off and on for many years. I call her when I’m looking to gain clarity and facilitate change and growth both personally and professionally. And sometimes I call her when I’m stuck or overwhelmed or lost in the minutia and she is able to provide the exact words and tools to get me to the other side. And not only am I able to get beyond the struggle I was in, we turn that struggle into a break-through and my life goes to the next level. She has been a significant factor in my ongoing evolution and success. Thank you, Cheryl!!” -C.P.

I came to Cheryl a complete mess. My life had been turned upside down and all I could do was cry. She listened to my story and gently guided me on a path of rediscovering the beauty inside of me. She used a variety of creative methods that helped me to express myself and I will be forever grateful.” -L.

Cheryl helped me through such a difficult work transition. Her words still inspire me. Cheryl was a life line and I appreciate her help.” -J.

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