The Trainer & Healer


Empowerment is about having a vision of where you want to go and who you want to be, then digging deeper within yourself to bring this new future to life. This site, and my life, is about helping people to empower themselves, personally and professionally. Empowerment is about learning skills and different tools that will help to attain your vision, step by step. This process takes courage, commitment and consistent steps toward your desired destination. It is about moving out of the comfort zone and into the adventure, which may feel very risky.  That is where a coach steps in as someone to talk with to encourage you, keep you focused and help you deal with challenges as they arise is paramount. Coaching is part of the process, whether it is someone you know or someone like me. Read more about empowerment.


Communication is the process of connecting with ideas, people, organizations, and even with the self. My website is about practical communication skills for personal and professional success. The truth is that communication is a key to success; that is, how well you communicate will make you or break you in any relationship, even the one you have with yourself. Communication is more than how we relay messages. It is about how we listen, how we show up, how fully we are engaged, how we work with others. Check out my blog for tips on improving your communication skills, including communicating professionally in an informal culture. Read more about communication.


Creativity is integral in everyday life. It is hopefully part of how we think, solve problems, jazz up our lives, making innovations and. . .  and yes, to create art. This site is devoted to using creativity to open the way we think, to solve personal challenges and to creating a life for yourself that reflects who you are now and who you want to be in the future. Creativity here is about expressing your real self, not fitting someone else’s mold or expectations. See my studio for more. Read more about creativity.