There truly is a creative edge. Being creative opens doors. It makes people take notice of who you are – what  you are thinking, saying and what you are doing. On a personal note: encouraging creativity in your life opens your mind to new possibilities. It helps you to be more aware of opportunities as they occur. It helps you to identify inspirational moments, those intuitional, ‘aha’ flashes when the light-bulb flashes. It is following that creative path, that ideas are clarified and the new becomes integrated with the current you.

Encouraging and playing with your creativity is like inviting in a catalyst to spark a ‘freshness’ into your life. If your life seems to be missing that little something, try a bit of creativity. Use what you have on hand – draw, even stick figures with wild curly hair, in different colors or huge smiles; glue random items together and spray paint it all the same color; make a collage . . . those creative bursts actually open different areas of your brain, igniting new ways of thinking, new ideas and fun stuff. Creativity is more than art, it is a way to live.

When in a meeting or a class, something as simple as doodling sets the mind free and bridges the right and left sides of the brain to free constrictions and to allow intuition and imagination to emerge. Sometimes your best ideas may come after a simple doodling session.


Creative Thinking

Want to look at a fun way to think more creatively? Check out Von Oech’s book A Kick in the Seat of the Pants (1986) for creative problem solving. I have found that his explorer, artist, judge and warrior model works well personally for individuals or professionally in groups. When given the chance, it really gets the innovative juices pumping.


helps to get all the ‘stuff’ that is built up inside out. Julia Cameron, The Artists’s Way, suggests ‘morning pages’, three pages every day. I have found that even one page, written consistently helps to sort out inner chaos. While I have an art journal, my main journal may have pictures that struck me and I glued in, or some image that came out as I was writing.

Art Journaling

takes the idea of journaling into images. It has a number of uses whether you are using it for actual art work, to gather images for inspiration or as a way to work through some situation. Personally, I use my art journal as a wide open canvas. Sometimes I am working through something, sometimes there are lots of words and pictures, sometimes it is collage. It is a gathering, healing artistic tool.

Expressive Art

is allowing what is inside to come out. It is creating more from the inner landscape than from what is seen with the eyes. It is a process that unleashes creativity and allows the art piece to evolve. Expressive art is as much, maybe even more, about the process and the artist than the end product. It is often a healing process.

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