Communication is the key to how we connect with others. Whether we are speaking, listening or simply being, we are sending and receiving messages. What messages are you sending? Which messages do you mean to send and which are unintentional?

Professionally, we may get hired because of our technical skills, but we get promoted by how we communicate, how we connect with others. Personally, what we say and do not say in relationships often affects the health of a relationship – how it comes to life, its longevity and how it may wither and die. The way in which we communicate helps, or hinders, our relationships professionally and personally.

I offer a variety of communication workshops and presentations as follows:

Communication: the Key to Success

The Power of listening
Verbal and Nonverbal messages  – are you sending the right messages
Building relationships

Professional in a Culture of Informality

Nonverbal professional messages
The verbal advantage
Emails – the business link

Conflict – More than just Management

Silent Conflict – stopping it before it starts
Speaking Truth to Power
I language  and the Sandwich Process

Creative and Critical Thinking

Creative challenges for expanding possibilities
Overcoming the ‘fear factor’ and looking dumb
Four tools to increase creative thinking.

Team Building – From Group to Team

Understanding importance of group work
Trusting others
Cooperation and collaboration

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