Writing and Art: a Creative Connection

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Writing and Art coming together

Writing and Art coming together

   “Creativity is intelligence having  FUN!”                             Albert Einstein

Want some fun playing with words and images? Want to learn more about mixed media, writing and your own creativity? Join us for Writing and Art: a Creative Connection at the Fort Wayne Parks and Rec Community Center, in downtown Fort Wayne.

Ellen Sauer, a very delightful creative friend, and I are teaching this class together. We are excited to share our passion for writing and art with you. Yes, it is about learning our process, but even more so it is about you exploring your thoughts and feeling and getting something down first on paper in words, then as images, colors, texture . . . you get to follow your own creative flow — and to have fun in the process. We set the stage and give you initial directions, examples and personal secrets. We supply some basic art supplies (you can also bring your own if you want;) which we will expand as needed. Then we are there to give ongoing personal one-on-one support and hopefully inspiration.

The process of using writing and art together is how I create. It usually begins in my journal as I am working with a thought, a memory, something I see (an inspiration) . . . so I write a bit, then the piece begins to take shape. Sometimes, it stays in my journal. Other times it takes shape as a totally separate piece — almost always mixed media, maybe some watercolor, or clay or textiles, words on the piece, maybe some stamping . . . Then, possibly more writing. The writing helps the images come about, then the images inspire more words. The process is about allowing your heart to open into words, then images, possibly more words  flowing into a piece that has meaning — a piece of you. 

The journal calendar above is a piece that stayed in my journal. It has both writing and art on the same piece; color, some texture, found objects . . . Each day holds a nugget of an experience, a thought or something I am working with. It is fun!

For specifics on the class check out the Fort Wayne Parks and Rec Fun Times publication. The class is listed on the bottom of page 7. Registration for this class takes place online through the Fort Wayne Parks and Rec or via phone at 260-427-6011. You can also mail the registration form found on page 59 of the Fun Times publication.

Visit Ellen’s website to find out more about her writing and her art.Ellen has posted her visual art pieces accompanied by writing and can be found in her website  Gallery .

Watch my blog and FaceBook for more information. If you have any questions? Give me a call at 260 615-5280.   

Blessings and lets connect!       

Cheryl or Cherie, your choice :)!

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