Words are Energy

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words are energy“Words are Energy, use wisely.”

What does that mean – use wisely? Words are energy, use wisely . . . we may think that words are just our thoughts put to words, simply words. And what if they are more? If you can. put yourself into a place of hearing these words. I love what you did here. You are brilliant. Thank you. . .  versus, what a bitch. I hate you. You are stupid, dumb, ugly . . .  They are energy. How did they make you feel?

The first time I heard someone saying “use your words” was in the movie Stepmom a gazillion years ago. One of Susan Sarandon’s children was calling someone a ‘bitch’ (or some such thing) and Sarandon said “use your words”. It made me think. How do we use our words? Wisely?

This idea makes sense to me. I believe that words are energy and it is up to us to use them wisely. I love the idea that we can share positive words and give positive energy to others. What a gift we have to share! Have fun with your words!

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