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Guerrilla Girls - speaking out, acting out!

Guerrilla Girls – speaking out, acting out!

“It is surprising what you can say when you are wearing a guerrilla mask.”

a Guerrilla Girl

Yes, I saw one of the Guerrilla Girls last night at a rather wild presentation . . .  and yes, she was wearing a very good guerrilla mask. The Guerrilla Girls have been speaking, and acting, out since the mid-80’s and are continuing to do so. They are activists working for more women’s art in museums and galleries, for raising the value of women’s art and for more women in all of the art world in general.  They have worn the masks since the beginning to guard their identities, to keep themselves safe from retaliation and maybe because you can say just about anything while wearing a guerrilla mask.

I am wondering what women, you and me, might say if given an opportunity, a wide open platform, to speak what is really on your mind. What would you like to say?

The Guerrilla Girl was asked how to do ‘art as activism’. She said that they sometimes do workshops where they invite about 30 people and the only thing the invitees need to do is to come with something they are ‘pissed off’ about. People are grouped into similar interests and things just take off – activist art.

Personally, I would like to give women a platform to speak out. I am working on it and welcome anyone to take part. An invitation is coming soon. You do not have to be ‘pissed off’ about something; maybe you need to say something totally different.

WomanSpeak.net is coming for you to get your voice out there. Look for a bit of ‘irreverence’ here in the future :); maybe even more of the ‘F’ word (for feminism.) oxoo!

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