Whole Heart, Day 15 – “31 Days of Love”

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A whole hear is wide open and vulnerable!

A Badge for Love         From Brene’ 


A Question to think about:  What is  it like to love and to live with your Whole Heart? I wonder . . . 



I would think that wholehearted people love a lot and live really big. Yes, she, or he, loves people AND and she may also love fresh tomatoes, a certain song or specific color, good beer, life in general, food . . . loving so many things that life is filled with love. Wholehearted people are fully engage and don’t hold back. 

I bet those who live love and life fully, look at the positive and like Elizabeth Gilbert says they draw people and other good things to themselves.

Off to practice my wholehearted self, have a great day! Cheryl 


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