What is your story?

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One of My Stories

One of My Stories

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

William Arthur Ward

          If I told you that you could write your own story and in the imagining and writing you begin to make it happen, what would you write? What is your story?

          A friend is getting married soon and she wrote her own  story of loving and being loved by a man who adored her, of living a creative life near water and of being blessed with loving friends and family. She has it all. Over the many years that I have known her, Reg wrote her own story. Again and again she updated it, revised it and . . .  it became real. I am constantly amazed at the magic that seems to happen when dreams and reality merge. Her dream, and his dream too, came into being because they focused on what they wanted. I know how writing your own story works –  personally and professionally, it works!
          Conversely, another friend tells the story of her giving a presentation on a book she had written. After the presentation, she met her husband who ha been in the audience. She apologized to him for it not being good enough, listing all of her faults. Her husband was was very clear with Vee.  He said “That is your story, not mine! I was very proud of you . . . ” From that point on, her story began to change.
          Our stories become a road map to where we want to go. With a bit of focus, determination and passion, they have great power. What story are you telling yourself? 

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