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Have you ever thought about the power of ‘play”? I sure have! Whether you know me as an artist, a life coach, a professor, a reiki practitioner or very simply as a friend, you probably know that I am basically a positive, fun-loving, playful woman.  My art is expressive, that is I have more of a focus on the process than on the product.  I love to create whimsical pieces of clothing, wall hangings, pieces for the garden, jewelry . . .

Most recently my studio time  has been focused on costumes for The King’s Curse, a Fort Wayne Dance Collective performance in which I am a sorceress, and focused on items for a summer garden art show. I noticed that I was beginning to lose steam and to become bored; it was not fun anymore but I was not sure why. Well . . . I just realized that somewhere in the process my studio playtime turned into work.

So, back to the original question: have you ever thought about the power of play? What happens when we play? If we think back to when we were young and out with our friends on the playground, we might start first with the swings, then move to the slide, then to the monkey bars and maybe on to the merry-go-round. With each change we were excited at the new movent, a new thrill in our playtime adventure. All the while we were talking and laughing and teasing each other. This play was fun! When I am in my studio playing, all sorts of possibilities open up. It is an adventure!  There is no right or wrong. If something does not work just the way I hoped, I try something else.

The idea of play can, and maybe must (?), be used in our professional lives as well. Play can excite us; the whole idea of ‘no right or wrong’  can open doors to creative ways to solve problems and address challenges. There is an excitement in playing with possibilities and that excitement is sure to draw in all sorts of new opportunities. When working with a graphic designer friend, I loved watching her work! Yes, she was working, but she was excited and playful – like she was playing with her computer and what she could make it do.

What do you think? Can there be playful productivity? That is my current exploration. Life is meant to be good and fun and filled with joy. It is often a choice. I am off to play first in my kitchen, then in my studio. May you too find a way to play in your day!

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