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ImageKindnesses are catching, whether it is one person smiling in response to another, opening the door for someone, or giving a warm greeting passing someone in the hall. Kindnesses are often small and go unnoticed.  Some are more memorable and are shared here. These are just of few of the kindnesses I can remember since the last posting of the Kindness Chronicles:

The Artists Studio Tour was a focus for several kindnesses:

One of my neighbors baked several dozen cookies for the art show, four different recipes. They were delicious!

My partner worked the money side of the art show – a day away from her own work. It was very much appreciated!

When I had a carpenter come out and rehang my studio sign, I had him hang it wrong. I asked a very handy neighbor to rehang it. He came with all the needed ladders, tools and even a helper. He did it as a kindness and refused the check I offered him.

My parents came to the show, not because they are interested in art, but out of kindness to their daughter who happens to be an artist.

I ran errands and played delivery person several days for a CPA friend who was being pushed by tax deadlines to give her more time to stay focused on the actual accounting work.

Baby showers in our large family are usually given by the aunties, my sisters and myself. Three of my nieces stepped up and planned, organized and totally put on a shower for one of their cousins. What a kindness! I did not have to cook, clean or even plan the shower. Thank you all!

Sometimes we receive help from a Divine source, like being pointed in the right direction or a little whisper of the best way to approach a challenge. I want to call these kindnesses, like a little gift. When I got into my pool to find a leak, one of those little whispers yelled at me “Look here! Look here!” Finding the leak was immediate. It was such a gift, a true kindness, even though the source is not in human form!

As a kindness to me, I gave myself the month to ‘just be’ as much as possible. I gave myself permission to say ‘no’ more, to be on ‘slow flow’ and to be more gentle with myself and others. It has been lovely, still work to be done, still things to be accomplished — and at a slower, more gentle pace.

I would love to hear others’ kindnesses. Being kind is a topic well worth focusing on and passing around! What we focus on grows. Maybe we can plant kindness seeds in our gardens, watch them grow, bloom and create more seeds for future kindnesses. Hugs! C.

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