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Man doing 'women's work'?

Man doing ‘women’s work’?

“‘Walk the walk’, not just ‘talk the talk'”

Alyssa Croft, Ph.D.

Dads who take an active role in the household, and house work, are more likely to raise young women who have goals of less traditional and probably higher paying careers. It is fun to look at what studies are finding about real life issues that we are dealing with. Personally, I, and probably you too, want to see young women strive for all they can be and stretch the traditional role boundaries of the past.

A recent study looked at 326 children ages 7 through 13 suggested that girls grow up with a more expanded vision of what they can do when parents equitably share the housework – that work that has been described as ‘women’s work’. Croft’s work, suggests that ‘talking the talk’ regarding gender equality is not enough. It is crucial that fathers also ‘walk the walk’ relating to caring for the children in the household as well as the domestic work within the house and family. It was obvious in their study and their daughters are watching. As Croft says, “By doing chores that have been seen as ‘women’s work’, fathers may inspire young women to set their sights on careers from which they have traditionally been excluded.” 

Want to see and hear more of what Alyssa Croft has to say? The following link



is short, sweet and to the point and let’s you hear it straight from the source:  Dads Who Do Chores Bolster Girls’ Aspirations

We all want what’s best for the young women around us, successful careers are just one aspect, and an important one. We can expand the possibilities and allow our young ones, and us older ones too to be all we can be whether in traditional roles or beyond anything we have dreamed.

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