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Cowgirl Angel

“Art Remains the one way possible of speaking truth.”

Robert Browning

When words cannot say what we want to express, art can fill the bill. Expressive art is like speaking in another language. It is sometimes easier to create a scribble, a drawing or even a clay piece like this one at the left than find the words to speak our truths. When I was a little girl, I was a ‘handful’. I had a cowgirl outfit kind of like this, complete with gun and holster. I climbed trees, played outside with the boys and in general was ‘mischief’ personified. I did this cowgirl piece when I was working to reconcile being that tomboy and a sweet young girl, both at the same time. Expressive art can be used to explore who we are or where we want to go. It can help us to heal from something or to adventure into the unknown.

I have worked through anger like the picture on the right. So many things were going wrong at the time, I had a horrendous headache that would not go away and a friend suggested

Anger with Hope

that I use my crayons on paper to scribble out my rage. It may sound strange, but my headache went away!

As a woman, I have worked from time to time to find my voice. At different places and times, it seemed like no mater what I said my words were not taken seriously.  It was easier to stop speaking up — stop speaking my truths.

Exploring my Voice

Through various media, I continued to explore speaking my mind and telling my truths, even when they were not necessarily easy for others, and maybe myself, to hear. It was scary and empowering all at the same time. Many things are. It seems that every time we move into some new territory, like speaking up, we stretch that comfort zone just a bit making us wonderfully uncomfortable!

One last thing, when I got angry about not having a voice, I became that proverbial two headed alligator, irritated, frustrated and wanting to bite something or someone. At an expressive art

Breathing Fire

workshop, I made the fire-breathing dragon on the right. She helped me to explore it all and to move out of that place of anger and frustration — to speak up, to let it (what I needed to say) out before I had to become the fire-breathing dragon. She is a good reminder for me to say what is on my mind!

Expressive art is a tool to explore, to heal and to voice yourself in images, doodles, drawings . . . without needing words — let the images speak your message.

Blessings and enjoy!



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