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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin

I’m caught up in the tide of social media [SM] and it is rather amazing! Combined with creativity and intuition, it is like surfing a rather wild wave. In a recent conversation with friends about my adventures with Twitter, there was  some excitement combined with skepticism and doubt. Remember, it’s about the stories we tell.

A few months ago I started my Twitter account while beginning a new branding project, a new logo and having my website redesigned. I also started attending the suggested Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne #SMBFW. Since then, I have been catching some really good waves! Some SM insights that keep coming up . . .

  • “It [SM] is all  about building relationships, and that’s no line.”  @kmullett “Also, SM is a life style, not a chore.” (which makes it a choice and rather fun!)
  • Are we really on the edge (of our comfort zone) or just think we are? @scLoHo It is moving outside of that zone where we change and grow, and get to where we want to go!??!
  • “Be yourself when you blog. Tell your own story!” @ryanbrock, @ajmotia
  • Various blogs and tweets from Seth Godin (like the one above.) @NotGodinREPOSTS
  • Continued inspiring work on website and SM w/@DetailedWDesign
  • Healthy, mind/body messages @Gladdmd
  • Ongoing tweets and conversations w/tw friends.

So, the changes? I have always worked from my heart, but have been rather reluctant to say so. SM has helped me to realize that for me  ‘Heart is Courage, Strength and Passion’ not the old stereotypes! “Be yourself” kicked-started a surfer who is riding the wave fearlessly (well almost.) The reality is more like feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Change comes in ‘fits and starts’. Not like a light switch of immediate gratification, it is more like following continual creative bursts. My latest: after starting the ‘different nail polish challenge’ (previous post,) I had an intuitive flash, “You make it happen!” with the image above. Then came the watercolor.

Life really is a grand adventure, especially when using Social Media. The creative bursts just keep on coming!

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