re-CreATe 2018,Second Wednesday Creativity

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 Come express yourself and have fun!

Monthly, second Wednesday

Next gathering March 14, 2018
6-8:30 p.m.
Females of any age
There will be an art focus each evening, supplies will be provided plus drinks and nibbles.

I believe that creativity has the capacity to help us to find balance, to live more joyfully and to heal. My background is in expressive art, meaning I create to let something that is inside of me out. It may be something that is driving me a little crazy or something I want to figure out. I may not even know what it is, but something . . . sometimes happiness and joy, sometimes sadness, anger or frustration.  Sometimes, I am working through a problem or maybe it is just something I need to understand more fully.

This creativity night is kind of like that. I feel a need to open my studio again. At one time, I had Open Studio gatherings in my clay studio. Anyone could come, and create with clay. It was not a class but a time to create from your heart with clay; I was the facilitator, support person and instigator of all sorts of adventures. We are going back to something like that. For right now, we will be working with paper and your own gatherings.

re-CreATe, is an adventure into playing with your creativity, letting go of perfection and opening into joyful abandon. Because I love small books, we will begin there. They are the perfect medium for collecting ideas, images, memories, wild and crazy pieces you want to explore, but not necessarily hang on your wall. The small book project may be ongoing. I will present it the first night and we will begin working on it. You will take it home, add to it or not, and bring it back the following session with the possibility of sharing if you wish.

While I am supplying materials, I encourage you to bring, or add at home, your own thoughts, quotes, found bits and pieces, stamping, all sorts of things actually to incorporate into your piece. Your ‘small book’ can become what you want it to be. My small books hold memories of our travels, one is like a ‘visioning board’ in book form, the one published is a small art journal. It is your book and you are the author! Absolutely no judging here, just encouragement, some ‘how-tos’ and lots of loving support.

I work primarily with mixed media, clay and textiles . . . actually, the more tactile, the better. These are recognized art media. My real media that I am continually working to hone and share with others are love and joy. Mixed media and expressive art are avenues to let these very special parts of who we are out into the world.

re-CreATe 2018, Second Wednesday Creativity is a work in process. It will change and grow; it will recreate itself as we, myself and possibly you, desire. The creativity will happen in my family’s community studio, and every female who comes will influence how it evolves. More information will be coming before March 14th.

Call/text for more information or to let me know that you are interested: 260 615-5280.


  1. Reg February 24, 2018 5:55 pm Reply

    I love this, Cher!

  2. Emily G February 24, 2018 6:14 pm Reply

    Wow! Call in creative space and it appears from a most loving heart! Gracias Amiga!

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