The Artist

While people often say, “I am not an artist,” the truth is that everyone is creative at something. Yes, some people are artists who work with oils, acrylics, clay, mixed media, words, music, dance… and others bake beautifully, or cook marvelous meals. Others may have gorgeous gardens. Others can make their computers sing and dance or create winner spreadsheets. Others have creative minds in business, create new widgets or thoughts and ideas. While we think of Einstein and Edison as scientists, their strength also had much to do with creativity.

As an artist, Cheryl works with many media, whatever draws her inspiration. She also helps others to explore their creativity. She often encourages her clients to use creativity to open into and explore themselves through art journaling. For example, the page to the right is a page from Cheryl’s art journal. It was a time when there were several commercials on television where the picture pixilated, fell apart and tumbled down. It made her wonder about how we do that sometimes, fall apart then come back together into a ‘focused wholeness’. For more information on art journaling, follow my blog.

Cheryl has done work with non-dominant  hand art journaling. When we know that there is something bothering us yet we do not know what that is, working with the non-dominant hand can uncover hidden messages. Explore the process and see how here.

Cheryl has worked with expressive art for several years. This art form can help in the process of healing, help to resolve inner conflict and help open individuals to their own creativity. Cheryl does half and full day expressive art workshops. Expressive art is as much about the process as about the end product.

Check out Cheryl’s art and follow her blog.