More Love, Day 18 – ’31 Days of Love’

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Pixelated Self

My Pixelated Self



“You get what you focus on!”

Law #1, Law of Attraction.

Checking in personally after consciously focusing on love for 17+ days. I do believe in the Law of Attraction and the premise that you get what you focus on. The real kicker is that the MORE you focus on it, whatever ‘it’ is, the MORE you get. This daily focus on love and having a new Reiki client who loves amazingly expansive is rocking my world! I feel like a new version of this ‘Pixelated Self’, seriously. It is is so very exciting and a little spooky.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. I am a Reiki practitioner with Masters Level Reiki training. I am also a certified life coach who focuses on Love and Joy. My own version of Reiki kind of combines the two, all energy with some questions, intuitive guidance and lots and lots of love. When the person I am working with is also love focused and open, magical things happen!

The ‘My Pixelated Self’ originated as a page from my art journal.  I was in the midst of some rather intensive changes and felt a little out of focus, maybe a lot? That is what it feels like now; the plates are shifting into a new image of me. That is where the ‘spookiness’ comes in :)! Not sure exactly where they are shifting to and staying open here, continuing with 31 Days of Love.

Blessings, love and a big hug! Cheryl

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