Love Yourself, Day 24 – ’31 Days of Love’

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Too Excite to Sleep

Joy in Loving Yourself



“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Lucille Ball

Love really is the answer to all sorts of things, especially when we love ourselves. While many of us have been taught that loving ourselves is self-centered, selfish and bad, I would like to present another perspective. Love for ourselves is the answer, or at least part if it :)! The more we love ourselves, the more we have to share with others.

So, what does love for ourselves look like? Giving ourselves the time to do

Exciting times are creating deliightful changes.

Loving the Self

those things we love to do. Giving ourselves permission to even recognize what makes us happy. Taking the time to do those things that keep us healthy. Being with those people we enjoy, who make us laugh, who allow and celebrate the people we are, exactly the way we are . We each have our own way of loving ourselves. This may not always be easy and it is well worth the effort!

I encourage you to love yourself, exactly the way you are; just as I am intending to love myself . . . in all my goofiness, creative chaos and pure love!

Blessings and much love!

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