Love to Cher

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Love is a gift to share . . . 

    . . . I believe it and have come to know it as an absolute truth, an empirical fact! I am recognizing that in my almost 25 years of doing different types of art/creative workshops it is the love that is shared, the community that is built with women sitting in a circle creating, letting go of judgement and in that moment allowing themselves to be, to explore and to create, to talk and laugh —  a bit of magic happens. A community is built, love is shared.

I submitted this art piece to the Artlink Members Show this summer. It is entitled ‘Love to Cher’, a play on my name yes, and also a little bit of love to share. Across the bottom are hooks on which small, and not so small, hearts were hung. Visitors to the show were invited to take a heart, a small token of love, with them. Initially, a gallery staff person said something like “Small children might take a heart.” Truth, the hooks were picked clean and I replaced the hearts twice. Almost 150 hearts, little bits of love, went out into our community over the length of the show. The night of the opening it was fun to watch people choose a heart, choose love. One woman had placed the heart, that little bit of love, on the necklace she was wearing. We all want and need love — let’s share what we have to give!

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