Love Texts, Day 16 – “31 Days of Love”

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You make it Happen!

Text a little Love!


Some people send love notes. A friend and coworker, Erma Belt,   sends ‘love texts’ to her adult children each day. Two of them send notes back every day, the other two once in a while.

Love Text


These love texts are sent out as exciting little connections of love  that say “I am thinking of you!” They build an assurance of love and an expectation too. She sends them out first thing in the morning and if her children do not receive their love text by 9ish, she gets a little text from them, “I have not heard from you today.” 

Everyone wants to be loved, even if we are not conscious of it. Let’s share our love, even in a quick little text!  

Have a great day!  Cheryl

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