Love Notes, Day 14 – “31 Days of Love”

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brownie love


Love Notes are absolutely wonderful! They come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, love notes remind us of how we are loved by the sender and often how much we are loved in general.


A fun little story: a few years ago a Brownie troup came into my studio to work with clay. There were 20+ Brownies, young girls 7-9 years old, and a few mothers — the place was hopping! We all had fun, getting our hands dirty and creating with clay. The project had to be simple; I brought out my cookie cutters and stamps and explained the process, then let them loose. After the firing, we had a final evening in my studio for them to complete the process — attaching a love note. The above was my example. I took a small heart, wrote on the card, “I love Brownies” (I do both the young ladies and the delicious chocolate ones) then I hung it on the door to my studio. The girls made their own notes for their loved ones. This note has been on my studio door ever since. It often reminds me of love and not just for Brownies :)!

A similar ‘love note’ hangs in our car. Before I left on a trip, I made the love note below –  ‘love you . . . be back soon’. When I got home, I was going to take it down but was encouraged to leave it as an ever-present loving thought. However you do it, leave love notes. They keep the love alive!

Love you . . . be back soon!


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