Lists, Great Lists

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“Confront your fears, list them, get to know them, and only then will you be able to put them aside and move ahead.”

Jerry Gillies

It seems that the making of lists is a catalyst for things to come. I am not talking about the grocery list, or the ‘to do’ list, which also are about things to come and of course getting things done. I am talking about opening our mind to lists of ideas, of things, of desires .  .  .  

I read a fiction book recently where the protagonist was an author who had a habit of making lists. As I remember it, she explained that the process of making the list quieted her mind to other things and helped her to focus. It is calming and kind of invigorating at the same time. Some of her lists are ’10 Things I Loved When I was Little’ , ‘Ten Synonyms for Desperate’, ‘Ten Things to Eat without Cooking’ and ‘Ten Things my Mother Taught Me’. 

The process intrigues me. I started making lists in my journal, just for fun. Some of my lists are ‘Ten Things to do on a Rainy Day’, ‘Awesome Shades of Red’, ‘Ten Songs I love to Sing’ ‘Old beliefs that Hold me Back’, ‘Things that Challenge Me’, ‘Things that make me Smile’, ‘Things I am Grateful for’ . . .  and ‘Beliefs I want to Restate’.

Yes, making lists helps me think, makes me smile and often puts me in a whole different frame of mind.

Life is good, wouldn’t you say? What do you think?

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