Life-long Love, Day 11 – ’31 Days of Love’

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life-long loveI am thinking about love in the form of life-long relationships, brought to mind by a friend who is getting married this weekend. Both my friend and her fiance look very different from this image. They are both young, vibrantly healthy, and totally in love!  

I am wishing them a lifetime of a healthy, loving connection — the wisdom to totally enjoy the good times and the courage to work through those times that are challenging, difficult and just plain hard.

In this, I would like to celebrate love as it legalized (if such a thing can be done, made legal that is) and long-term relationships that have lasted the test of time.  

This picture could be that of my parents, married 69 years and still going strong. I often see them holding hands, sometimes a sweet kiss and always my mother’s “Love, love!” when she goes out the door on an errand. When we think of couples in love, we often picture the young, like my friend getting married soon. And then, there are my parents, excellent role models, teaching us by example a love that lasts, through all of its glories and through the challenges too.

Blessings and have a great day! Cheryl


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