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“Where ever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”

Seneca Quotes

April was a wild and whacky, wonderful spring month. Life has been tied up in the end of the semester at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne where I teach while also being involved in the community and getting ready for an artists’ studio tour. Kindnesses were a necessary gift in helping my students and in others helping me stay in balance. I appreciate the idea of chronicling kindnesses. It helps me to think back over the month and share some good things that I have been doing for people in my life and those that others have done for me. I would like to celebrate the joy that we bring into others’ lives and that they bring into mine!

Some kindnesses given and received~

I offered an Amnesty Day was given to my students to help them catch up on any assignments they may have missed, or wanted to redo, for this semester. Many of us need a second chance when life gets in the way.

I gave an art piece to a local charity for a fundraiser and silent auction.

Volunteers donate their time to help with the audio and cameras for my cable access show        Wide Open, which is very much a kindness. To let them know how much I appreciate them, I bake cookies to thank them and the crew for their help.

One of my students started the class for me when a dentist appointment threatened to make me late to class.

Kindnesses come in all shapes and sizes. My last day of class another student waited to talk with me. When I asked how I could help him, he asked if he could give me a hug. It was lovely :) !

When one of my nieces heard that I was overwhelmed and getting ready for the Artists’ Studio Tour, she called asking how she could help. Even though I did not need her help, the offer was very much appreciated!

I am currently knitting a pair of cute little red socks for a  nephew’s new baby. I love it!

As a computer assignment, my students were given an opportunity to write their own Kindness Chronicles. The following are a few of the comments:

  • Kindnesses while helping on a mission trip
  • A fellow student coming to pick her up when her car would not start.
  • Taking a home cooked meal to her grandmother in a nursing home.
  • A Chinese student in my class talked about the grace of holding a door for someone else being ingrained in Chinese people, but not necessarily so here in the U.S.
  • A young woman talked about playing a special song on the piano for her grandmother.
  • Another talking about the very simple kindness of having someone smile at them and saying hello or good morning.

Want to see more about Kindness Chronicles? Visit Jane LaFazio at

Kindnesses are catching. Let’s pass them along.

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