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Kindness Chronicles

Kindness is all around us. Too often, we are just not paying attention.  Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be some larger gesture, or something as simple as a smile.

1. Stopping by a colleague’s office just to say hello and give her a hug.

2. ‘Trading’ professional services when a long time client can no longer pay.

3. Recently in one of my classes, a female student was laughing at herself and mentioned that she would probably run out of gas on her way home and how her dad would have to come to the rescue. Her car was on ‘E’ and she left her purse at home. Before I could get to her,  two students offered her money. Even after she declined their money, one insisted saying he did not want her breaking down on the side of the road.

4. Being conscious of the need for me to be kind to myself too. It is easy for me to take on more than what is good for me. Kindness to me — one recent example: after several social engagements, I said ‘no’ to an afternoon with my women friends to spend restful creative time in my studio.

Kindness is a choice, whether to others or to ourselves. Pass it on!

Want to see more about the Kindness Chronicles check out Jane LaFazio’s site at

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