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Just in case you think that Art Journaling is about creating beautiful pictures, I wanted to assure you that it is more about the process of expressing yourself — however that comes about. It is not about being pretty; it is about just opening up and letting what is inside come out. It may take the form of a scribble, a line, shapes, colors, textures . . . and the results can be healing.

In the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Linda Edkins Wyatt talks about art journaling and how it helped her work with her panic attacks. She reports that she had fewer and fewer panic attacks and that they lessened in severity. I can well understand how this works. Some creativity every day, even a few minutes, can lessen my stress and calm me.cps12cover1.jpg

I would love to hear your stories.

Blessings! C.

PS. I love this magazine. It makes me smile and provides off-the-wall inspiration galore :) !

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