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playful2.jpgHow about some fun?!!? I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some fun. I am nearing the end of teaching a couple of summer school classes (I teach communication at a local college.) and I am ready to let go of responsibility and just focus on fun for a couple of weeks before the fall semester begins.

It seems that as adults we are so involved in our responsibilities that we forget that play and having fun are options — and maybe a value to be striving for in life. I find that I feel better physically and emotionally when I focus on playing and having fun on a regular basis. What about you?

At the library (a place I go for fun) recently, I ran across a book by Sue Baldwin the Playful Adult: 500 ways to lighten your spirit and tickle your soul. The book has been a joy-filled reminder to open myself to play and to really have fun. Even as an artist, it is too easy to focus on the end product and not simply the joy in creating.

I love the idea of ‘lightening my spirit and tickling my soul’ whether from blowing bubbles to pass the time when waiting; to taking a bubble bath to relieve stress; to simply allowing myself to keeping a laughter journal of funny things that happen in my life.

Have a great weekend and by all means play and have some fun!


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