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“I think you need to do things in your life that are your passion, That’s why we are trying again. You have to take the bitter with the sweet.”

Chef, Pamela Downs

I got up this morning to a ‘gift’ on my favorite reading chair,  an article from yesterdays Journal Gazette  — “Proprietors’ passion puts Honey on the Table” . I am totally excited about this new adventure, mostly because they are following their passion. They had a restaurant that we loved. It was way out of  our way; but after we found it, we went often. The food was great, service was exceptional and the ambiance of the place was a simple elegance. We were sad when they had to close. I am so looking forward to lunch there, confident that their previous excellence will stream through.

What is so exciting? It is not just about the food, though I am checking that out soon! For me, and for them too, the excitement lies in them following their passion even after something has gone wrong, ‘failed’ even. It is about ‘taking the bitter with the sweet’ learning from the bitter, reaffirming the passion and moving forward. It is about filling your life with lots of energy, color and vibrancy like their storefront and gourmet food line. Living fully is about following your passion, being energized when you get out of bed (at least most days,) and being excited to go to work. Holding, nurturing and cultivating that excitement is what keeps our juices flowing and keeps us healthy.

Think the idea is crazy? First do a ‘self-check’. How excited are you with your life in general and with going to work — what is your juiciness factor? How healthy and full of life do you consider yourself to be? Then, check out your family, friends, and/or co-workers. What do you see?

Following your passion is exciting stuff! Pam Downs and Lisa Williams are doing it with Honey on the Table, 2461 Hobson Rd. Sometimes our passions keep us working hard and you know? That is a good thing too! Life is truly exciting when we are doing what we love to do!


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