Expressive Art, Finding Your Voice

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Rooted Values

Sometimes we have things that we want to say, but don’t know how to verbally voice them. They may be emotional, or difficult or not appropriate for how we were raised. So, we bury them inside, even though they need to be said.

Expressive art helps you to find a way to voice this message through drawing, moving, sound, clay, collage . . . the media is unlimited. The art medium is a safe way to express yourself. It does not have to be beautiful, in fact it can be ugly, beautifully so :)!

Expressing yourself through art is a way to let the yuck-iness out, demonstrate your joy or explore something you really aren’t sure about. It is an intuitive process of letting go of judgement and allowing what is in there to come out. As a certified life coach, I often encourage my clients to make some ugly art, to express what is yearning to be said. My favorite approach is scribbling it out — pulling out my oil pastels, or crayons, and big sheets of paper, then ask myself a question, like “How do I feel right now?” Take a breath and without thinking about it, grab a crayon and boldly scribble, put down that crayon and grab another. When the client feels like it is done. She/he sits and looks at it, then gets to talk about it, the art piece, the way it felt to do it, the feeling afterward, thoughts that come up . .  . It is a freeing and often comforting experience, and sometimes it opens the door to other thoughts and discussions. 

An art journal is a great place to express yourself through art – just follow the intuitive flow and something comes out. Then you can write about it. The image above is one such piece. Check out my expressive art board on my Pinterest site and the art journalling board too.

Find that something that wants to be said, and express it with art — use that wonderful voice of yours!


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