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“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be able to treat life as art.”

Maya Angelou

Often we know that we want, or need, to say something, but we are not really sure what that ‘something’ is. Expressive art is a powerful tool for experiencing, identifying and communicating one’s real feelings. It is a vehicle to express ourselves, allowing what is inside to come out. In the process of expressive arts, various forms of art are woven together to create something that says more than words can say alone. This art form is something that I use personally, and with my coaching clients or in workshops, as an exploration tool and to aid understanding. Often, something that is rather amorphous actually takes shape and becomes clear enough to talk about.

A personal example: One of the current projects in my studio has to do with some mischief that has been going on in our neighborhood. I turned to expressive arts because of an inner frustration, a ‘not knowing. I started with my journal and was led to work with clay. While I did not know exactly what would come out, I knew it had something to do with ‘guardians’. While I set up my workspace, I listened to some wild music, sang along with the powerful lyrics and moved into the spirit of ‘guardians’. Three masks came out of the clay. They are currently still drying, waiting to go into the kiln.

The piece here started out as a she-bear and morphed into a cat with some human-like features. The piece is very much a ‘she animal’, a protector and a guardian.

The process of first journaling, then working with music and finally getting my hands into the clay helped me to clarify steps I can take to protect our property, our gardens and ourselves.

Watch to see how ‘She Animal’ moves fully into her own. She will return.

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