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DetailsIt’s the little details that are vital. Little things

make big things happen. ~ John Wooden

I am noticing bigger things are unfolding in my life, such as opportunities for creative, inspiring work with other coaches, new clients from different areas of the world, creative workshop opportunities and greater financial success. Out of curiosity, I began to look at what I am doing differently now. Interestingly, it is the attention I am giving to the small things — working on the details in life.

For some time, I have been drawn to the details in my life — sending that note, calling a friend or prospective client, making my bank deposits more quickly, even sorting and filing my paperwork or scrubbing my sinks (ugh?). I have heard that when you pay attention to the small things the large things take care of themselves. I am excited and delighted to tell you that it is sure working for me.

It is rather amazing to me that investing the time and effort in the details promotes such wonderful results.

I love it! What about you?


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