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“I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, in any artistic work, is daring to dare.”

Maya Angelou

Could it be that our life is an artistic work? How is it that too many of us loose the ability to ‘dare’, even to dare ourselves, after we move out of childhood? No this is not about taking risk, though that is part of it. This is more about living outside of the box, outside of that comfort zone that we have created for ourselves. The reality is that since our beginning every experience, every person, everything said be it praise or criticism help to make us who we are today. Each experience helps to build that box, our norms, beliefs and values, and the comfort zone, in which we live. Now, we are told to “think outside the box” — to be creative, to find different solutions, to make new and exciting choices. WHAT?!!?

Maybe before we can do that we need to know first that the box exists and then to explore it a bit. How does your box fit you now? Are there some things that we need to let go of, that no longer fit? Dare we choose to take steps to think and live outside this box we have built for ourselves? I dare you! In fact, I double dare you. Remember as a kid, didn’t a ‘double dare’ mean that the the person who dared would do it first? Well, that is what is happening here.

At a meeting last week, one friend challenged/dared another to take just 10 minutes to paint every morning; saying that it would open up new possibilities. This sounded like a good challenge, so I made a commitment to myself: every morning using my art journal and a box of oil pastels. I draw/scribble without thinking a lot, then write down what comes to me. I just let anything come and each morning it has been about that box. Amazingly, last night and this morning I broke through the box that I have been working on for 58 years. Of course, the work is not done; but with creativity and discipline I am excited to take the dare and forge onward. Exciting stuff!!!

Have a great day! C~



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