Creative thinking – a Fun Challenge

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Increased Creativity?

Ever want to increase your creative thinking? I am in the midst of a playful experiment and I invite you to join me.

It started some time ago with an academic colleague who almost always wears two different socks. When I asked her about it, she said she read some research suggesting that wearing two different socks stimulates the right/creative side of the brain, encourage more communication between the left and right hemispheres and improves creativity, including creative thinking.

I started this challenge the tail end of summer and am still trying it out. Being a barefoot/Berkies gal, painted toenails and all, a friend suggested that I put Robin’s method to work with the polish on my toes. I am playfully experimenting. First I tried a coralish red on my left foot and a copper color on the right. Another friend challenged me that they were not different enough; I went and bought a lime green polish. Oh MY!!! From the very first, it has been messing with my mind. The green is way beyond my comfort zone stretches me in oh so subtle ways. About increasing the creative thinking, there has been a shift in my thinking, not just in my studio, but with my coaching practice, my clients and with my students. Can it be definitively due to the different colors on my feet? I cannot be that specific – one might say the ‘judges are still out’.

What do you think? How about trying it for yourself? Guys, try the socks method and report back, or go all of way with polish. Gals, I am really interested in what happens when others try this challenge. As my Grandma used to say, “It won’t hurt and it might help.” I would like to add that it might make you chuckle and that is always a good thing!

About Birkinstocks, feet and toes: I love Birkies and have several pairs. This summer I Creative Challengepainted this image for a water color class I was taking with Jane LaFazio It was a fun class and I learned a lot. The great thing about Birkies is that they are divinely freeing to the toes and they focus on comfort with a fun style. I will be wearing my Birkies until the snow flies. I have a pair on right now with hand-knit wool socks, one red and the other blue.

Life is meant to be fun, even with socks and toe-nail polish. Join the challenge for a playful experiment!

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