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2009-06-02-gloriaThe future is not someplace we are going, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found, but made  . . . .

John Schaar

What pictures do you carry in your mind about how you will look, feel and behave when you get older? What does 75 look like? This picture to the left is Gloria Steinem at 75. What do you  want to do as you age? What abilities will you hold onto as you age and which of them will be gone?

Our marvelous mind holds many stereotypes, including stereotypes about the process of aging. growing older What is your vision for aging? Are you happy with it, OR would you like to re-create the stereotype of yourself as an older person? Linked to the stereotype is a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. We become what we believe and what we see. What do you see?

We have the ability to create our future — how we age, what we can do in the world, how active we are, how happy we are . . .moving beyond simply being to being happy, joyful and playful.

Care to create together? Much of my focus now is on helping people, me too, become engaged with their own aging process.  I love the prospect of this challenge and look forward to your comments. Aging happens minute to minute. We create our future selves by  each small choice, by how we think and by what we expect. Let’s expect the best. Join me in playing with the process!

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