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The courage it takes to speak up is nothing compared

to the good it can do. [Author Unknown]

lion-tin-man-and-scarecrow.jpgI keep talking about ‘taking new steps for new results’. The truth is: new steps call for courage, strength and a great deal of heart.

As I was choosing the domain name for my website, I researched the use of heart. Heart carries with it firmness of will, resolution and fortitude as well as courage, love and being at the center. From this place, it feels like the perfect word to use in my coaching practice.

Personally and professionally we want, and need, heart to attain our desires and our dreams. We need that courage and strength to reach our potential and step into the reality of our magnificence.

In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man was looking for a heart and the [cowardly] lion was looking for courage. As a long-time coach who is just now in the process of certification, I feel like the lion — fiercely courageous while also being caught in old habits of fear. For me, it is truly time to step out, live my courage and move into even greater personal and professional success. The time is NOW.lions-eye.jpg

Care to take this journey with me? It is bound to be exciting. The fierce ‘eye of the tiger/lion’ urges me on to bigger and better things. What about you?


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