Courage through Vulnerability?

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A whole heart is wide open and vulnerable!

“Vulnerability is not weakness . . . our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose.”

Brene’ Brown

Do you get stopped in doing whatever you want to do because you would be just too vulnerable, afraid, unsure? I know I do. My concern with not being perfect or knowing absolutely how it will turn out sometimes stops me cold. How about you?

I would like to pose this question for you as I am asking it of myself. What will happen when (not if)  I embrace my own vulnerability totally and go way out there on the limb? Will courage come easier? Will embracing my vulnerability quiet that little voice inside that questions whether I know enough, am good enough, skilled enough, thin enough, tall enough, young enough . . . The funny thing is that we all, or at least most of us, have self-doubts, these or others.

Brene’ Brown

Some time ago, a friend suggested watching Brene’ Brown’s video. Since then she has added a second video on vulnerability and courage. I am encouraging you to check them out. When I am thinking about changing and growing, or to being my real self and confident in doing so, her words spur me on. Maybe they will do something similar for you! She is insightful, real and she is funny. I love her authenticity — she lets her vulnerability hang out for all to see and along with it her courage in doing so!

Brene’s  book, Daring Greatly, is calling to me and also urging me on, daring me to do those things that are a bit scary. She is challenging me, and you too, to embrace our vulnerability and imperfection. Oh my, embrace my imperfection!??! She urges us to live wholeheartedly and to engage with life courageously. No small feat!

Embracing our vulnerability eases the way when we are stepping out of our comfort zone to make something happen. I am off to do just that now.

Blessings! C.

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