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dave brubeck_thumbEveryone is the age of their heart.

Guatemalan Proverb

I love to collect role models for how I envision growing into an even more vibrantly alive, older woman. I have created a marvelous list and it is growing daily. This morning my friend Beth told an  inspiring story about how Dave Brubeck loves to play the piano and to perform. It excites and thrills him. Dave is 88 years old and still performing.You go Dave!!!

I am continually amazed at how strong and vital people stay when they are doing things that they love. I wonder, do our hearts stay young when they are filled with joy and a passion for what we are doing? I know that when I am doing something I love time stands still and my body is often humming with happiness.

I am going to take a lesson from Dave, how about you?

Blessings! C~

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