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We are the sum total of who we came into this world biologically and genetically; combined with every experience we have had and all of the things that we have been told. We learn to be who we are through the expectations of others, including, but not limited to, family, friends, church, heritage, community and culture.

It is from this socially constructed way of being that we build the box that we are told to think outside of. We are safe in this box. It becomes our comfort zone where the walls become strong and resistant to change.

When the person we want to be differs from the expectations of others, challenges occur both internally and with others. Clarifying dreams and desires, searching for fulfillment and finding a balance in what is expected and what is desired can be one of the first challenges.

Having someone to talk with is important. Finding that someone who will remain objective, support your process, ask the big questions and help you stay focused might be aided by finding a coach. I am a certified, personal life coach. I offer a free introductory coaching session.

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