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woman_dancing21As a professional life coach, it seems to me that too many people are striving at all costs for success in business. Financial success is an excellent goal. I am wondering about the ‘at all costs’ part and what it means to the joy and delight in people’s lives.

This year I am making a commitment to joy, delight, happiness and fun; and to making a financial success of my business. I love new recipes! How about a new recipe for 2009?!!? How about a personal recipe for success that includes a commitment to joy and delight. My new recipe for 2009 includes a healthy focus on having fun, laughing a lot and playing as often as I can. How are we doing with our new Year’s resolutions?

Personally, I did not do any resolutions this year. While they may be a good thing, I tend to forget them. This year I am working on an evolution, maybe even a revolution. I am making a commitment to evolve into a mindset of balance, joy and delight. (Recently, I heard delight defined as joy activated; fun hug?) Should need be, I am very willing to have a joy and delight revolution. Care to joyn the revolt? It will not be like the Boston tea party, but it will be a lot of fun :) !

Could it be that if we place more emphasis on joy in our lives that we might have more energy and more drive for to help us succeed financially too? I am trying it and I will let you know.

Stay tuned, come back and I hope to come back soon too.

Blessings!  C.

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