Childhood Love, Day 17 – ’31 Days of Love’

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Cowgirl Angel

Cowgirl Angel


Childhood and love  fit together seamlessly.

Ok, not always and not without a few tears in the seams at times. I was talking with a friend recently about love when the conversation opened into childhood and love. It really got me thinking about the effect love has on the children in our lives. She told me how her husband loves their daughter openly and freely, without restraints and limiting expectations, how he absolutely delights in her. Yes, there are rules like any childhood; AND his love gives her the freedom and confidence to be who she is and say what she wants without fitting into others’ needs. A few weeks ago, shortly after I met her, this little girl asked me for a hug. I gives hugs freely to friends, family, nieces and nephews but seldom to little girls I just met. She is a very openly loving young lady who asks for what she wants. Bravo!

About the Cowgirl Angel, created some time ago, she was an exploration into a very much loved little me. I was a very active child, some would say precocious. While today young girls are princesses, we were cowgirls, fully outfitted — hat, gun and holster, white snow boots for the red cowboy boots :). The other side was more of an angel, bringing Mom a bouquet of dandelions, “Pretty flowers” when she came home with the new baby. We can be both mischievous and angelic. Love is a power-full gift we give our children.

Blessings and love! Cheryl


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