Feeling Good

Papa’s Cashmere Coat

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Last week it was freezing cold here and I pulled out my father’s cashmere coat. It may be a little big for me; and then again, not at all. The coat is long, mid-calf length and totally blocked the cold wind. I was warm and comfy. Wearing the coat took

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re-CreATe 2018,Second Wednesday Creativity

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 Come express yourself and have fun! Monthly, second Wednesday Next gathering March 14, 2018 6-8:30 p.m. Females of any age There will be an art focus each evening, supplies will be provided plus drinks and nibbles. I believe that creativity has the capacity to help us to find balance, to

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Loving Life, Day 21 – ’31 Days of Love’

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    Something different: a Facebook post from a friend, Bernadette Gleeson I absolutely love this post by Bernadette. She talks about one of her ‘homies’ and their discussion about the difference between routine and rhythm. I can, and hopefully you can too, feel her excitement and the love she

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What do you Love? Day 22 – ’31 Days of Love’

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    The BIG question today, “What do you love?”    Here I sit, the beginning of a new week and I am thinking about the weekend just passed and the week to come and how I love life. In that musing, it begs the question, “What do I love?”

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Ramblings from a Closet Introvert

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Well known, successful introverts: J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, Abe Lincoln, Christina Aguilara, Eleanor Roosevelt, George Stephanolpoulos, Emma Watson, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi . . . In an earlier post, I mentioned that if we plan to help others we have to follow airplane safety guidelines and

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