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Welcome to my Studio

Welcome to my Studio

Giving our selves the time and space to create is a gift — a gift that frees the spirit and lightens the heart.    

Cheryl Spieth Gardiner

Second Sunday Studio (S3) has been a fun creative adventure this fall. A third  S3 is coming up this next Sunday, December 9th, and will continue the second Sunday of each month through the winter and spring.

S3 is open to anyone who whats to explore their own creativity and run with it. It is a ‘woman’s space’ where we are safe, and encouraged, to be authentically our selves. The environment

Studio Time

allows us to play with our own ideas or something we have read about and want to try. As an artist, I am continually trying something new and I encourage my guests to do the same. It is a space to explore all media in the creative process, even if you have never worked with it before.  Creativity lives within each of us — we just need to give it the time and space to emerge.

In the last two S3’s women have created cloth paper sheets, used the same process over a clay mask and even used the process to give more body to a muslin piece that had been drawn on with oil pastels, then ironed the color in. The cloth-paper process was created to give more body to cloth and make paper more flexible. You can read more about it in Stitch Alchemy by Kelli NinaPerkin’s, or check out her website. I have found the cloth-paper process to be adaptable to all sorts of creative projects.

These cloth-paper pieces were created  and left to dry. They can be top dressed with alcohol inks or paints. Art in my studio is as much about the process as it is about the product. These pieces are an  expression of what each of the women were feeling and thinking that day. I look forward to seeing what will happen when they continue with their creativity on the pieces.

The piece below reflect the ‘grrrr potential’, the big cat fierceness, that was felt at the time. One never knows what will show up as people play with their creativity. It is always a fun process, even though we often have no idea where it will take us.

Some coming to the studio may want to work with clay. I have all the materials you need to hand build a piece or make something totally for fun. We had an adventure with snowflakes recently — the clay was rolled out, impressed with different lace pieces and some stamps then cut into snowflakes. They are pictured here drying before the underglazing, firing and glazing process.

Sometimes in the firing process larger pieces will crack, which is what happened to the piece below. She has lived on the wall in my studio for some time, glued together and stabilized but feeling poorly. Then I had a fun idea to use the cloth-paper process over the clay. Check her out. She is still very much a ‘work in process’ and she is becoming a Solstice Diva.

With expressive art, the creative process is about letting what is inside out — those thoughts; those things you have wanted to maybe say with words, but did not know how to put it, or maybe something you just some feeling you had but could not even say what it was about . . . and sometimes it is about just playing, letting the joy out and finding happiness. That is what happened with the next piece. I remembered reading somewhere about using crayons on cloth, then ironing the color in. I wanted to try it with oil pastels, which are like crayons but the colors are much richer. During the last S3, I played with the process, coloring wildly, then ironing it in until I got the depth of color I wanted. I cloth-papered over it, top dressed it with iridescent paints then did some stitching with my sewing machine.

Come and play with us, Art@heArt, Second Sunday Studio 2:00 to 4 in the afternoon. There are always drinks and fun snacks, sometimes delicious. There are still a couple of seats left for this Sunday and many for future Sundays.

Check me out on Facebook, email me at, or give me a call at 260479-9766.


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