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Real and WhimsicalAt the Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne, a panel shared high-lights from the Blog Indiana Conference. One of the panelists talked about Ryan Brock’s wisdom to be yourself when you blog. Be real? Does this mean that I can show the real me, goofiness and all? Very simply he said, “be yourself and tell your own story”. I am passing that on to you — be yourself and tell your story! Courageous? Yes, and just breathe it in — doesn’t it feel freeing, and make you just want to smile?!!?

Regarding whimsy, I am going to visit friends over the Labor Day Weekend. I made this whimsical gecko earlier this summer for them and just wanted to share it. The gecko was first knitted out of fingering wool, then died a deeper purple with Koolade (that was fun and my first time to play with dying with a kids drink mix.)

I stuffed the gecko, beaded it,and finally added some wire, inside and out. Inside the wire is used to help shape the tail. Outside the wire was purple and added to our gecko’s style.  She is about 3 by 6 inches. It was fun, playful  and full of whimsy. The time I spent creating it was well worth the enjoyment I got out of it, and hopefully my friends’ enjoyment too.

This is where my heart lies, in the creativity of play, whimsy and enjoying an artful life. Sometimes it takes courage and strength to live our passions, especially when they are not serious, traditional or straight-laced!

For me this is important and I am encouraging you to “be the real you and tell your own story”! Have fun with it, play and throw in a bit of whimsy.

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