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Exploring Passions Path

Exploring Passions Path

Exploring  what passion means in my life . . . a friend and I were talking recently about how to find drive and persistence in moving forward. She is an artist who makes her living solely from her art. I told her how much I appreciate drive and diligence in all that she does. I went on about feeling like I have will and I have a lot of power, but not necessarily willpower and that drive is so closely fits in there.

Gwen spoke about finding her drive in the ‘path of passion’. So, I started asking about that pathway. She explained that she finds great passion in her art – it feed her, inspires her, leads her and drives her to do what she is doing now. It provides the will and the power – the drive to make things happen.  Read more about Gwen below.

What does passion mean to you and how do you find that ‘path of passion’? That is what I wondered; so, I pulled out my journal, did a little playing with the ideas of passion. Then did some writing. Do I know exactly where this journey is going? Not exactly, but I have a good idea of outcomes I want to see along the way. And, my journalling gave me a couple of excellent ‘first next steps’ as I start out from here.

About Gwen: She is an accomplished artist who works in oils and watercolors, does a lot of plien air works; currently working on a Heritage Barns of Indiana Series, painting two barns from each county in Indiana; plus, writing books to go along with the project – as well as bringing her creativity into other areas of her life. Want to read more about Gwen? Check her out at  



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