Art Journaling, Listening to the Inner Voice

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Exciting times are creating deliightful changes.

Exciting Changes!

“However you journal — straight writing, mixed media, scrap-book stye, or a combination of any/all of them, it is an excellent process. I journal using a combination of all three styles, usually in the same book. I journal to vision making something happen, to chronicle an adventure, to work through a challenge and/or to explore a new idea. An art journal is kind of like an artist’s notebook, often on steroids. At least mine is — bold, colorful, eccentric and full of secret notes.”

The journal page above came recently while exploring some new changes happening in my life. I didn’t know exactly what was going on, but I did know that I loved it. It was exciting even if I had no idea what the outcome would be. Another exciting thing: I am still working on the changes; they are still exciting, scary even sometimes. While I am letting go of what the outcome will look like, I am working on the next step. Most often the challenge and worth the work!

That said, how do you delve into new understandings of yourself? How do you allow what is inside to come out? How do you express yourself, to yourself? For almost as long as I can remember, I have thought there is more to the world, more to me and more to understand. Journalling has been one way to explore myself and the world.

How? Often I will ask myself a question or just let the feelings, the words and images flow. I use journalling as a way to find that voice inside that wants to be heard, but too often cannot. 

So, I encourage you to journal! Want to see more? Check out my Art Journalling board on Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, prompts and just to have fun.

Blessings and love! Cheryl

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