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Many people journal with words on a daily basis. Adding the component of art through crayons, paints, pastels and/or collage in combination with words provides a special element, a kind of key, that opens the door into a deeper understanding of the self — who you are, what you want to be and where you really want to go in life. This form of journaling can also be just for fun, as a creative outlet for expressing yourself.

I have used art journaling personally for over ten years and professionally for nearly as long. It can be used to deepen understandings, to clarify thoughts and feelings, to get rid of, or lesson, negative emotions, and to open into creativity.

Art journaling is an empowering and healing tool. Personally, art journaling has helped me get through a tough divorce; own my own authenticity and self-worth; and work through emotional turmoil of all kinds.

Professionally, my clients have used it to help them make changes in their lives, clarify life’s lessons and make decisions. One fun thing about art journaling is that you don’t have to be a ‘traditional’ artist to express yourself through your creativity.

All you need is a blank sketch book and felt tip pens, colored pencils or oil pastels and a little bit of time. It can be easy, fun and eye-opening. More later on specific exercises and an upcoming workshop.

Blessings! C.

Art Journaling

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