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Found Art, Caribbean Style

Found Art, Caribbean Style

“The very essence of playfulness is an openness to anything that may happen, the feeling that whatever happens, it’s okay… you’re either free to play, or you’re not.”

John Cleese (I love John Cleese!)

When people think of being an artist, they freeze up and say, “I am not an artist.” because there is an expectation that an ‘artist’ has refined her/his skills to a level where the art is ‘fine art.’ I would like to talk about a different kind of art – an art that comes from play and expresses something within us, maybe joy, maybe a need for healing maybe something that just plain feels good to let it come out. Officially, it is called expressive art and I am renaming it as healing or playful art.  Actually, it is just fun . . . well usually. Sometimes I use art and creativity to work through a problem, which may not be fun and it is almost always enlightening, freeing and promotes a good feeling within me.

Currently, I am focusing on a Caribbean theme. I have loved the Caribbean

Found, Created and Hung

Found, Created and Hung

for many years. It is a love that began in Cozumel, three trips there in about as many years. Then we went to Florida for a while, close and . . . for some reason, the Caribbean keeps calling me back. When friends moved to St. Croix last year, my interest renewed with a longing to revisit an old love, the blue-blue water, great sunshine, warm sea breezes, natural wonders , a culture that intrigues me and a different way of life than norther Indiana.

This past September we spent a week with these friends in Frederikstedt, St. Croix. So many things caught my attention and I began collecting. Creativity became unleashed and before I knew it I pulled out a couple of cement board pieces about the same size and began painting, gluing, collecting some more, more painting. We brought one of the pieces home and left one as a thank you for our friends who added their excellent own touches. 

Playing with art is much as Cleese said above, it is about being open to what happens and to the spirit of what comes out of that playfulness. It is about pure joy and allowing it all to happen.

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