Another wonderful birthday

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Wonder-Full Aging

“You don’t get older, you get better!”

My birthday was Sunday, December 23rd and it was marvelous! I had a great insight — regardless of my age, on my birthday I allow myself the freedom of a three year old. I sing and dance, I play . . . I get to wear what I want, including a crown. I eat what I want. I am responsible for little that day . . . and in general it is all about me. This is  fairly new and I love it. Can you tell?

No, this picture is not me. She does look like she is having fun doesn’t it? “You don’t get older, you get better” has something to do with valuing fun, play and living on the edge of what is acceptable AND less serious about so many things. Meaning, I don’t have to act, or dress, my age. What does that mean anyway?

Having fun! Being Me!

Having fun! Being Me!

My grandmother Ella used to say what she thought.  She allowed herself to speak her mind, often living on that edge. Can you tell I admired her? I did a bit of that ‘on the edge stuff’ myself on Sunday. It was fun and rather freeing.

Yes, this picture on the right is me. Having fun just being me. Check me out on Pinterest for  some ‘on the edge’ thinking.

What would you like to give yourself permission to do?

How can you have more fun in your life?

Let me know what you do to play. I will be waiting!

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