About Me

“I empower excellence through communication and creativity – I train, I teach and I coach!”

Cheryl is a natural when it comes to coaching, training and being creative. Whether she is coaching with someone face-to-face in her Solarium, working with a client in her studio, or she is with a client on the phone, Cheryl is an excellent listener. She asks questions to deepen understanding. Cheryl creates a safe space to move beyond habit and comfort zone. Clients feel more alive, passionate and fulfilled in their lives. Cheryl helps her clients to uncover, and to work towards, longed for goals that reflect their values. Clients are encouraged to take new steps for new results. It is an exciting time!

Cheryl’s strengths include…

A great listener with the tools and ability to expand an individual’s thoughts, feelings and ideas.
A vibrantly alive quality that helps clients to believe in, and to extend, themselves to consistently reach farther towards personal and professional success.
An intelligence that includes intuition, on-point perceptions, wisdom, compassion and diverse ideas.
An energized commitment to hard-work, determination and transformation.
A warmly creative perspective that opens the mind to new and different opportunities and potentials.

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