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Train your head and hands to do, train your head and heart to dare. –Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.

Do you ever have times in your life that feel like you have been on a wild ride? Well, that is how my life has felt for the last few months, especially the last few weeks. I have been in a certification program for my coaching practice. It was wonderfully rigorousssss!!! Combined with everything else in my life, Oh my goodness!

I must say that I must relish the wild ride. It seems that I want to experience life, and all the many opportunities that it has to offer, fully — often with fierce abandon. Life really is good, even when it challenges me to stretch way beyond my comfort zone.

When talking with a friend some time ago about my intention to do real heart work and to open into all that the Universe has to offer, she told me to prepare for a wild ride and to hold on. Well, she was right; it has been a wild ride. Fortunately for me, the ride is not over. Living life fully is not for the timid. It may not be a roller coaster ride on tracks already laid, but more like taking new steps again and again out into uncharted territory. What an exciting adventure life has to offer!



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